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What We Do

Industry Leaders in Moulded Fibre Solutions Fibre Recovery

Fruit Packaging Solutions

Hawk produces environmentally friendly packaging solutions for enhanced packing, storage and transport from pack house to end customer

Moulded Fibre & Process Technology

Hawk’s technology was born in the very recent electronic era so that advanced controls and automation are inbred in every machine. Software applications are advanced by international standards allowing flexibility, rapid response, and smaller more compact machinery – traditional moulding machines are large and inflexible by comparison. Operation of the entire factory is carried out through strategically placed VDUs. Process variables such as temperatures, machine speed, pulp consistency and pH are continuously monitored, and controlled automatically. Hawk’s pulp moulding machines have the equivalent of “auto pilot”. Process trouble-shooting is simple via normal phone modem link or internet. All of Hawk’s machines can be easily monitored and even operated from remote locations.

Fibre Recovery

Moulded fibre is fibre derived from recovered paper that is pulped and then processed into a product or a form usable in the manufacture of a product. Among other things, it is used for protective packaging or for food service trays and beverage carriers.

All plant material basically consists of Cellulose Fibre, Hemi cellulose and Lignin, which bind cellulose fibres together. Pulping is nothing but breaking/removing lignin to separate fibres.

Lignin is physically and chemically weaker than cellulose fibre. Hence when a physical force or chemical is applied, lignin breaks down faster than cellulose. Heat also weakens lignin faster than cellulose fibre. Pulping processes vary from complete mechanical to complete chemical and any combination in between.

Hawk has secured a consistent, quality fibre supply, and with 17 years expertise have created ‘recipes’ to ensure quality products are produced that protect and enhance fruit. We don’t use any nasty bleaches, pigments, biocides or toxic chemicals in our manufacturing processes and ensure our products are compliant with international industry regulations and standards.

Moulded fibre is considered a sustainable packaging material, since it is produced from recycled materials, and can be recycled again after its useful life-cycle.

Sustainability & Quality

Hawk is an ISO9001 registered supplier.  It has in place an effective quality management system recognised in over 75 international countries.  Hawk customers will purchase quality assured products every time and can pass that assurance on to their customers with equal confidence.

Hawk cares for the environment; procuring and using 100% recycled pulp and paper to manufacture our products.  All trays produced by Hawk are 100% recyclable.  We have our own integrated sorting facility onsite, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

We are committed to helping minimise the effects of on the environment.  Hawk complies with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and directives to achieve international best practice in the fibre manufacturing industry.
Hawk will continue to work closely with its customers to understand industry environmental standards to ensure products meet compliance standards in both the national and international markets our customers operate in.