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Providing Quality Products on time Meeting Customers Expectations

Our Services

Hawk moulded fibre products are developed meeting stringent industry quality and sustainability standards, whilst keeping pace with market innovation and design.

Quality Products On Time

Hawk and our preferred transport provider deliver our products throughout the country meeting customers deadlines.  We have close relationships with exporting agencies.

Tailored Customer Service

Our customers need volume on varying services level agreements. We can help with reporting & analysis of business usage, process flows and training, also new packaging developments or reviews of existing packaging.  We are hereto help.

Virtual Inventory Management

VIM (Virtual Inventory Management) is a stock management system created  to help clients manage inventory.  It is our job to help clients manage stocks to keep their business running smoothly. By having complete live view of stockholdings and product usage, we can tailor regular replenishment orders to suit client needs. Stock can also be supplied on consignment basis to help with cashflow. We work with our clients to ensure we manufacture the correct seasonal quantities.